Happiness in business Mar05

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Happiness in business

This last week I was contemplating what makes me happy and what things have brought my life meaning and made me fill fulfilled.  I came to the conclusion… that it isn’t from spending long hours at the office.  Let me clarify before you make any assumptions.  I get a TON of satisfaction and fill very fulfilled from my work and love teaching and helping others.  That being said, I love being efficient so I have more free time with my family and friends (who am I kidding, I don’t have many friends, so it’s mostly just my family).

I enjoy “working” and love to create and accomplish new things. I truly enjoy my work of helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and become free from all the liability that comes upon them when they make uninformed decisions.  This is what makes me feel fulfilled in business.

So here are the 3 things I came up with as I was contemplating what makes me happy and feel fulfilled and how these things relate to my work:

1- Providing for my family.  Since my wife and I have decided that she would be home with our children and I would provide for all of our needs, I take that responsibility very seriously and use this to push myself to accomplish more and provide more value for those around me so I can provide for my own family.

2- Working less time, but more focused on high dollar activities.  Whether we like it or not, most of us waste between 40%-60% (maybe more for some of us) of our time “at the office” being ineffective.  We chit chat with others, we aren’t focused and determined to have an outcome, so we don’t accomplish anywhere near what we could accomplish.  I am currently working on focusing more of my time on the high dollar activities and actually focusing 2 hours a day to the ‘highest productivity’ actions.

3- Finally, I have found that what makes me happy and feel like my life has meaning is actually looking to serve people without expecting to get paid today.  What I want to say comes best from the words of one of my mentors, Eric Lofholm: “Sometimes you get paid today… and sometimes you don’t.  But eventually, you always get paid.” Regardless of what we think, God will always bless us when we willingly give and bless others and the rewards aren’t always quick / immediate.

To summarize, I love my work and feel happy in my business because 1) I am providing for my family, so my wife can be home with our children, 2) If I focus on the highest value actions I can work less and accomplish more and 3) if I do this with a heart to serve without any expectation from anything in return, my family will be taken care of.

– Trent