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My real estate team is split into two ares, with plans to open up teams in several more markets in the near future.  We have our California Team and Utah Team (both doing business as New Future Team).  Besides having extensive experience assisting homeowners in distressed property situations, the New Future Team also utilizes it’s marketing skills to Sell Homes in 37 Days, Guaranteed by putting our 49 Point Marketing Plan to work on each home we sell.

**New Future Team has helped over 500 homeowners avoid foreclosure since 2007 by way of two primary solutions. 1- providing advice and service assisting homeowners to modify the terms of their home loan so they can afford the payments and 2- by helping homeowners to sell their home, even when more is owed on the home that it is currently worth.  This is done by negotiating a settlement with their lender to accept less than what was originally agreed upon as the principal balance.

A couple of the benefits our  short sale clients receive are:

  • Full release of liability, or in other words, the bank cannot sue you afterwards. If you would be liable for the loan in a foreclosure, if you choose a short sale, my team will obtain a full release of liability for you through a short sale.
  • More time in the home while we work out a solution that is acceptable to your lender and better for you than foreclosure.
  • Less or NO tax liability (most of my clients have ZERO tax liability after we help them with a short sale).
  • No out of pocket fees and no requirement to contribute cash to close escrow and there will be no requirement to pay back any portion of the loan after the close of escrow.

To learn more about the New Future Team and how we can sell your home in 37 Days (even if you owe your lender more than it’s worth) or we’ll pay your mortgage, call (888) 858-7619 (CA or UT) or go to our site:

Or, if you are looking to buy a home and would like to learn more about our Smart Home Buyer Program, call (760) 870-2310