The BIG Change Mar17

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The BIG Change

I lost my voice this week and have been advised to, well …shut my mouth. It’s interesting, but the less you talk, the more you can think and ponder. As I sat in silence allowing my vocal cords to recuperate, I began to contemplate on this question:

What one thing in my life could I change that would have the biggest impact on my future?

You already know what the answer is for you. It didn’t take me long to identify what I need to focus on changing and that in fact I do have power to dramatically change my circumstances, my health, my relationships and my future if I will work on changing the one thing that is holding me back. I think that we often try and focus on changing several things, instead of just focusing all our attention and will on changing ONE thing that will have the biggest impact.

As an example, if you realize that you are unhealthy and that you feel out of shape and are not happy with how you look, you know that your life span is shortened by your bad health. So if this is you, is it hard to identify the one thing that you can change that would have the biggest impact on your life? Eating healthy alone, even without exercise, will make a big change. Once you have food mastered or at least a good handle on it, the next ‘biggest change’ would be to add exercise to your routine.

For those who feel like their financial life is all out of whack (this is the easiest to identify, because if you run out of money before you run out of month, it’s obvious you have a financial problem) they can focus on the one habit, that would cause them to have enough money to pay all the bills and still put money away for a rainy day. If you have identified that you don’t have a spending problem, then you probably have an ‘earning’ problem.

This means you need to earn more money to fix the problem. So what one habit do all the top producers in your field practice on a daily basis that cause them to earn more money than you? For me, in Real Estate, the one activity that dramatically changes your income would be lead generating activities… in other words, if not earning enough is the problem and I decided to focus 4-8 hours a day generating and converting leads to listings, income problems would probably disappear. However, if I have a spending problem, then earning more money will not ‘fix’ the problem of running out of money before you run out of month… I’d have to choose another ‘big change’.

What ONE big change, if you were to make that change, would dramatically change your future? Think about it… identify what it is, then do something right away to jump start you on the path to making that change. Within 24 hours, you should have at least 2-3 significant things which you can do/implement to put you on the path of your new future.